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    Beware of the side effects

    By DGH | June 5, 2010

    I admire the celebrities I see on TV or the movies. Aside from their well-taken-cared smooth skin, they have sexy figures which are highlighted by their poise and graceful ways. I could ask in my mind, have they undergone surgery or are they taking diet pills for quick weight loss? Do they stay up late all night reading up on alli reviews and looking for the best slimming option there is?

    Well, some slimming pills are actually laxatives. I know of such diet pill which is guaranteed to block fats and make one the desired figure she wants. However, one has to be ready of the side effect which is sudden and explosive diarrhea! Just be prepared to carry diapers and run to the nearest bathroom to avoid embarrassment. How do you like that ladies?

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