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    don’t reveal too much info on facebook!

    By DGH | June 3, 2010

    Most of my friends are now on Facebook aka FB and my list of FB friends are increasing lately. Some are not really my close friends, so I don’t readily post something personal on my status. Yup, it’s better to be safe than sorry. As with other social networking sites, Facebook users can be easy targets to identity thieves, thus it’s important to be careful about personal information posted on your profile.

    According to Consumer Reports Magazine, don’t use a weak password which can make your account easy to hack. Other security suggestions include not using your full birth date in your profile, not to overlook user privacy controls and not mentioning that you will be away from home.

    Well, some people can be so open about their current whereabouts and even what they’re wearing or what they’re having for lunch. Some of my friends even post candid pics of whatever activity they’re currently enjoying. I won’t be surprised if some Facebook users would post about how effective pronexin is or how the house is currently a mess. Personally, it’s good to let out some emotions and feelings on Facebook, just don’t overdo it and rule number one is to be discreet about it. Happy Facebooking!

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