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    what i want…

    By DGH | April 14, 2010

    I’ve been watching a lot of home improvements and interior design shows on TV lately which inspired me to start thinking how to improve the looks of our home in Talisay. It’s an old house and the materials and finishes do need a lot of make-over. I like our space to have a contemporary and modern look with lots of storage. I want to get rid of our old furnitures most especially throw those junk in our old kitchen that’s occupying space. If only mom and dad would give me more freedom; freedom for changes and for eliminating unused things from our house to make way for new stuff. But I bet both of them would agree if we replace the old big TV in the living room to a Samsung LCD TV. It would be cool, modern not to mention space-saving too!

    With our up-coming planned vacation to Philippines this summer, and probably bring with us few guests, I want our house to look wonderful by then.  But, money is also an issue if we want to have renovations at home.  And it’s not something that we have a lot these days. hehehe

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