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    Career choices

    By DGH | January 26, 2010

    A friend recently announced on Facebook about the success of her first week at her new job. I’m happy for her and so do her many friends who congratulated her on her achievement. On the other hand, another friend just sent me a private message on my inbox about giving up her job as it was not worth it. I also felt happy for her because I know she has her kids to take care of and I’m sure her hubby’s finances are enough to support them. Another friend officially announced (still on Facebook, hehe…) about his early retirement. Am I also happy for him? Yes I am.

    Career choices are major decisions in one’s life. Losing a job, getting promoted, being relocated, resigning or being laid off… these are career milestones that affect us not just financially but emotionally as well. Funny how some people would do anything to search for that perfect job, applying here and there. For instance, some computer geeks would make online research for high-paying IT jobs, while others who opt to be in the transportation industry do some logistics job search. It’s good if employees can stay in their chosen careers for more than two years instead of hopping from one company to another which would not look good on one’s resume.

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