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    career shift

    By DGH | December 28, 2009

    I heard another story of somebody losing her job recently, only a week before Christmas! What a way to start the new year. The hard times are not yet over, in fact hubby’s company is implementing cost-cutting by vacating one of their offices located in a prime district and transfer to it’s former location which is smaller and much cheaper in rent.

    No wonder many people are already shifting careers or furthering their studies in order to survive the financial crisis. One of the most common way professionals cope with this problem is by enrolling in an online university while still working or looking for another work. One teacher friend of mine has taken a masteral degree in education because she thinks this will give her the edge among other teachers. Others have taken online mba in prestigious online universities such as the Western Governors University which offers many courses students can choose from. By online education, this means they have the flexibility to control their time and pace of their study. Online education has many advantages which makes it a hit with students who are busy or those who have very limited time.

    If you want to make yourself marketable to employers, a shift in career or getting more knowledge in your field of study is a good thing to do. Who knows, the career crisis you’re in now maybe a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to inspire you to strive better coz in the end, there’s is something good waiting for you.

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