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    relaxing on a zero gravity recliner

    By DGH | February 19, 2008

    After long hours spent working in my desk, my back would hurt. That’s why I love getting a massage to sooth the back pains at the end of the day. But do you know aside from having a massage, there’s another nice way to relax? It’s the zero gravity recliner that uses the same technology as NASA uses for their astronauts to protect their spine when they blast out into space. According to the article I read, “Zero Gravity is a preferred posture for astronauts is any slight amount of disc compression will be exemplified by the speed and force of take off.”

    Thus the zero gravity recliner can relieve the body of the pressures from standing, seating or laying position. It can lessen the pressure on the spine, reduce muscle tension, lessen pressure on the heart and increase the circulation of blood. Now how’s that for a recliner?

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