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    By carmel | August 12, 2015

    Yesterday we were at an organic farm resort and what a great find it was. We had a tour guide who showed us their vermicomposting facilities, shredder equipment and machines, and other areas of the park. We really enjoyed our day which started with the tour, then with a sumptuous buffet of organic-grown meat and veggies for lunch, a few minutes of swimming in the park pool and just walking around.

    The whole concept of having your own farm and growing your own veggies and plants is still a dream for me. For farmers, they can learn and benefit a lot from such a sustainable set up. They can actually start small and get financial help from finance institutions. Read the rest of this entry »

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    The influence of parents goes a long way

    By RPG | July 9, 2015

    Parents who are music lovers would want to influence their children to be inclined to music as well. Or even without conscious effort on the part of the parents anyway, they absorb so to say, the love for music which their parents have.

    A child as a toddler can play with a toy ukulele (a gift of his parents of course) as a first musical experience for him – to be just familiar with a thing related to music. Some households have a family piano with which the child even at a young age learns how to play. Read the rest of this entry »

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    On visiting trade shows

    By carmel | June 25, 2015

    Ever been to trade shows and product fairs recently? I know most of us have visited such events, whether by chance while shopping in a mall or on purpose to check out some needed items. I used to go to trade shows when I was working for a telecoms firm before. We were required by our bosses to check out the products of our suppliers, especially the launching of their latest equipment and devices. One trade show I can’t forget was the OTOP (One Tambon One Product) in Thailand where so many locally produced goods and handcrafted items were showcased in an enormous hall. One can easily get lost in the maze of a wide array of merchandise, from food to clothing, personal accessories, home decors, furniture and so much more.

    With so many booths and stalls in trade shows, a seller can easily be overlooked among the many. Thus, it is important to have attractive display booths to lure the many passers-by. If your unit is well-designed and eye-catching, then you have more chances of getting customers. Of course, your products need also to be of good quality. If you’re selling food, then it should be tasty and yummy to make them come back for more. Some food stalls offer free tasting of their goodies which is a good marketing strategy.
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    Live street music entertainment

    By carmel | May 29, 2015

    One of the things I remember about my trip to Europe many years ago was being entertained by street musicians and performers. They happily play their musical instruments for all passers-by who are welcome to stop and listen, and hopefully drop some cash in their donation box or give them an enthusiastic applause at the end of their song.

    An old musician in the streets of Prague
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    Encourage your children with music

    By carmel | May 22, 2015

    The little ones are easily influenced by the sound of music. They readily react to mommy’s soft voice singing a lullaby, or a catchy and playful nursery rhyme, or the enchanting sound of classical music. So many types of music can be used to motivate babies and kids. According to the experts in child psychology, the baby’s brain can be stimulated by classical music even in the mother’s womb, with the possibility of making him/her grow up as gifted and intelligent individual.

    Music is also helpful in motivating the young ones. They can start early with simple instruments, a piano or guitar, or any musical instrument of their choice. Read the rest of this entry »

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