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  • Live street music entertainment

    By carmel | May 29, 2015

    One of the things I remember about my trip to Europe many years ago was being entertained by street musicians and performers. They happily play their musical instruments for all passers-by who are welcome to stop and listen, and hopefully drop some cash in their donation box or give them an enthusiastic applause at the end of their song.

    An old musician in the streets of Prague
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    Encourage your children with music

    By carmel | May 22, 2015

    The little ones are easily influenced by the sound of music. They readily react to mommy’s soft voice singing a lullaby, or a catchy and playful nursery rhyme, or the enchanting sound of classical music. So many types of music can be used to motivate babies and kids. According to the experts in child psychology, the baby’s brain can be stimulated by classical music even in the mother’s womb, with the possibility of making him/her grow up as gifted and intelligent individual.

    Music is also helpful in motivating the young ones. They can start early with simple instruments, a piano or guitar, or any musical instrument of their choice. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Summer fashion

    By carmel | April 25, 2015

    Summer is definitely here! No wonder, on a recent stroll at a mall, I’ve noticed more bright colors and floral prints for most clothing and accessories on display. It’s not just the heat that’s letting us know the season for sky, sea and sand is now. Who would want to wear dark colors outdoors on a hot sunny day, anyway? Light-colored tops and dresses are in nowadays.
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    Sounds good

    By carmel | April 11, 2015

    When you are a picky and discerning listener, you’d not only want to have the best sound equipment at home but an acoustically well-designed room as well. It’s not enough to have good-sounding speakers. Having a room with isolation pads or acoustic treatment accessories is important. These items help improve the sound quality and reduce vibration.
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    Summer DIY projects

    By carmel | March 14, 2015

    Summer is here! Just the thought of it makes a lot of us excited with so many DIY projects in mind for the homebodies. Personally, I long to have some break as well and do a bit of arts and crafts, or finish some sewing projects. But, so many piled up tasks are yet to be done.

    For my handyman Dad, he is also busy with tinkering around the house. For instance, our kitchen door lock needs some replacement. Read the rest of this entry »

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