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    By carmel | June 11, 2014

    These days, I’ve witnessed some good friends leaving for various reasons. Last month, it was T from our local chapter. Our community hosted a despedida party with intercessory prayer for her few days before her flight. She is now based in another country for work purposes. Then last Monday, we held a party for our brother disciple who will be going back to Manila this weekend to continue his studies.
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    Observing the wildlife

    By RPG | May 23, 2014

    Hunting is fun, and many adventure-seeking persons go for it. They love to go after the animals of the forest, which usually elude man. Another reason why some people go around chasing the wild life is the challenge it offers. And for sure, the beauty of the forest around captivates them.

    For those who can afford, especially big companies whose business revolves in these things, they put up digital game scouting camera on tree trunks and leave this behind, giving enough time for it to gather shots of animals roaming in the forest. It can then capture the natural moves of the wild life as these are not aware of the presence of any person or anything “observing” them.

    For those who have this hobby of taking shots of the animals in the forest, it is an educational pastime, as well as it is very self-satisfying, though of course expensive.

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    Going high tech for your printing needs

    By RPG | March 10, 2014

    High technology truly offers much challenge to all people, be they doctors, or engineers, or lawyers, or businessmen, or anyone of any occupation or trade. They have their own fast development in their respective fields.
    Those who are in the printing business are not exempted. Before when there was no internet yet, manual printing was the common way resorted to in the making of streamers, posters, whatever. As for letterheads, usually we go to the printing press to do them for us. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Suggested criteria in choosing a guitar

    By RPG | March 3, 2014

    Bands usually are hired to make an occasion lively with their music. Or sometimes they are present on special occasions to produce the music that is appropriate for a certain affair. Recently, we attended a wedding and an acoustic band (with just a singer and a guitarist) performed during the reception to entertain the guests while they were enjoying the food. They also liven up the occasion at the end by playing some danceable tunes which made some of the young ones dance along.
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    More innovations for the music lover

    By RPG | March 1, 2014

    Music lovers are all over; they are where people are joyful and carefree, for people generally want to be happy. It’s only the pessimistic, who wants to lurk in one corner, and always sulks, poor man.

    Today, fantastic musical products and great innovations have cropped up to add more and more choices for the music lover as sound technology has now leaped beyond the imagination a few years back. Sounds and lighting are considered in the manufacture of these products to make them complement the recording technology.
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