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  • Learning the piano diligently

    By carmel | September 16, 2016

    At last, my niece finished her piano lessons while on vacation few months ago here in the tropics. She managed to attend her tutorial sessions even with such a hectic vacation schedule. What a diligent piano student indeed. After her initial lessons, she came home and immediately practiced even up to almost midnight. It was inspiring to see her progress from a simple piano piece to finally playing that hauntingly sad song, “My Heart Will Go On”.

    Naturally, the parents were extra happy and proud about my niece’s achievement. Her dad didn’t hesitate to buy her a new digital piano to practice on. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Kids are fast learners!

    By carmel | June 14, 2016

    I’m often amazed at how kids these days learn even the most complicated stuff faster than most adults do. And I am not talking about child geniuses but the normal kids we meet from our family and friends. They talk smart and even know a lot of things than we do. This is actually good, but parents need to be more discerning and aware, and supportive of their children, so they are properly guided as they grow up.

    When it comes to hobbies, music is a great way to encourage creativity in children. My sis will be enrolling her kids in music lessons later, which is a good way to make use of their vacation time. They are considering piano lessons. I think most children start with the piano or guitar, and gradually they move on to other advanced instruments like the harp, violin or bass guitar.
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    General cleaning at home

    By carmel | March 28, 2016

    We’re always busy at home, but last week we finally had some general cleaning in our kitchen. I’m so thankful that we have a house help these days, though she will be unavailable soon. The first things we cleaned were the dish drainers inside the kitchen cabinets, then she attacked the shelves and the floor. What a relief to finally have a squeaky clean storage for our dishes and stuff.

    Our next project would be to replace our kitchen cabinets with new hardware particularly the sliders which have become rusty. Of course, new paint for the wood covers would also be great. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Teaching kids about music

    By carmel | March 22, 2016

    Kids and babies are easily drawn to music. This is what I’ve observed after babysitting my nephews and nieces many times in the past. They can easily sing or dance along (in their own funny and cute way) to a catchy tune or beat. They also sleep easily when you hum a lullaby to them. One of my baby nieces would even respond emotionally and cry to sad songs. As they grew up, they also had their kiddie favorites, whether silly nursery rhymes or simple melodies taught from school or praise and worship songs.

    Children also tend to be interested in musical instruments, but I guess it takes more than interest to really let them learn how to play one. Getting them to be enrolled in a music class is the usual option especially if the parents are not musically inclined themselves or don’t have the time for music lessons with them. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Music-listening pleasure

    By carmel | February 1, 2016

    How nice it is to listen to songs that are played with authenticity, i.e. notes are sung in tune, the blend of voices are in sync, the lyrics are not messed up and the backup instruments are well-timed with skilled hands. Whether one is playing in front of a million adoring fans or a small group of listeners in an intimate wedding event, it always takes a lot of hard work and preparation to bring out a sound that is pleasing to the ears. After all, who would want to hear a chaotic version of any song, especially if it’s a fave one? That would be torture to the eardrums, right?
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